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When you sign up for Little Justice Leaders, every month you will receive a learning kit of carefully selected items to guide learning about an important social justice topic. The materials are designed specifically for K-6th graders, so they're always age-appropriate and fun. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an organization working on that issue.

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  • Talking about social justice issues can be hard. We want to make it easier for you and your elementary school learners.

  • With lessons, activities, and other goodies, you can make these conversations fun and interesting for your little ones.

  • Every month you will receive a kit of carefully created resources to learn together about a social justice issue.

  • You'll learn together about many important issues. What are you waiting for? Get your monthly kits now!

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  • Shelby Kretz


  • Sonali Goyal

    Administrative Assistant

  • Tatiana Gauthier

    Social Justice Content Producer

  • Gabby Cushman

    Content Writer

  • Angie Peña

    Curriculum Specialist

  • Katie Moran

    Curriculum Specialist

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  • Nikki Hunjan (she/her)

    Activist, Former Teacher

    "I support LJL because it's important to have discussions about social justice early and often. Our family has talked and will continue to talk about how to be inclusive. The LJL kits make it easy and kid friendly to tackle subjects like racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc."

    Instagram: @teachspeech365

    Website: www.teachspeech365.com

  • Brittany Jefferson (she/they)

    Climate Justice Educator, Parent, Environmentalist

    "I am happy to be a collaborator with Little Justice Leaders because they have been proven to be devoted to representing folks from all kinds of marginalized identities. We are able to create fun and engaging lessons for kids and resources for teachers using relevant and important topics of today."

    Instagram: @climatejusticeteachermom

    Patreon: teachermomchronicles

  • Liz Kleinrock (she/her)

    Antibias/Antiracist Educator, Author, Consultant

    "It's difficult to find resources that support children, caregivers, AND teachers, and yet LJL has done it! Their books, resources, and guiding questions provide practical support on a number of topics."

    Instagram: @teachandtransform

    Website: www.teachandtransform.org

  • Juan E Gonzalez Jr. (he/him)

    Public School Teacher

    "I’m passionate about finding books that represent our world, and I’m grateful to LJL for helping educators and families make this process purposeful and easy to access!"

    Instagram: @teaching3rdwithmrg

  • J Aprileo (they/them)

    Blogger, Advocate

    " I support LJL because their mission to make social justice content that's understandable for children, just makes sense. How many times have you wished you had the language to explain something complex to the kiddo in your life? LJL provides books and activities to help facilitate those conversations in productive ways. The mission to help young folks learn how to put their values to work to make this world a better place is absolutely an inspiration to me."

    Instagram: @comfyfattravels

    Website: www.comfyfat.com

  • tai simpson (she/her)

    Storyteller, Organizer, Activist, Advocate

    "Our work as social justice change makers requires us to honor our ancestors, who’s come before us and to ensure that we include our young people, the future generations of change making. I support and partner with Little Justice Leaders in their mission because they are nurturing future generations to be champions for diversity, inclusion, and equity. LJL not only gives us a space to share our knowledge, but in turn I feel a deep sense of hope for the world as children engage with what I’ve shared."

    Instagram: @taisimpson

    Website: www.taisimpson.com

  • Natalia Rodriguez (she/her)

    Mental Health Advocate

    "Little Justice Leaders creates a powerful bundle of resources on issues that is hard to find elsewhere. I love that it puts major points of conversation and fun age-appropriate education at a kids fingertips while also giving a parent control over how and when these topics are introduced. More tools like this are the reason why there will be more aware and empathic future. The path there is paved by ideas just like this and the parents who facilitate this change. CREATE Kids Edu is so happy to have contributed to emotional health resources and our team is wishing LJL a lot of future growth!"

    Instagram: @create_kids_edu

    Website: www.createkidsedu.org

Hi, I'm Shelby

And that’s me with my niece and nephew. My dream is to help them and other kids like them grow up with an awareness of social justice and acceptance of all people. 

I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Education at UCLA, and I’m passionate about education and social justice. I’ve spent more than a decade working with kids and families to facilitate fun learning experiences. 

For each kit, we consult with folx who are directly impacted by that social justice issue to select the best resources for you.

We try to source products from socially conscious, small businesses owned by women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ folx. And we donate a portion of the money from each box sold to a non-profit working on that issue. 

Please feel free to email me at shelby@littlejusticeleaders.com with any questions, concerns, or ideas for working together. 

I hope you will join our community of Little Justice Leaders! 

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A portion of all sales goes to support amazing organizations and activists doing work in the area of the social justice issue addressed in the package that month, so you can feel good about giving back.

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