Rainbow pencil craft for developing fine motor skills

Rainbow pencil craft for developing fine motor skills

Social justice work can be heavy. It can be hard. It can be heartbreaking.
But sometimes, teaching social justice should be FUN!
It can be hard, but it should also be joyful. So today, let's do something just to have fun.
This activity comes from our very own Little Justice Leaders community member Michelle Kemper Brownlow. Huge gratitude to Michelle for sharing this project.
It's a fun and simple craft, with a little occupational therapy sprinkled in for some extra fine motor skill practice. Tie in the rainbow, and you've got the perfect, easy LGBTQ+ craft for kids. Plus, it's budget friendly!
  • Pen, marker, highlighter, or mechanical pencil
  • Scissors
  • Rainbow string or yarn
  • Tape runner with permanent tape

Craft steps:
1. Run the tape from the tape runner longways along the length of the pen/marker, on multiple sides. Take extra care to add lots of tape on the end where you will cut the string.

a. When possible, do not cut the string/yard ahead of time so the pen/marker is wrapped completely with one piece and cut at the very end. If the rolling ball of string will distract your kiddo, simply OVER estimate the length you will need and make the cut.

2. Lay the very end of the string lengthwise and then wrap over top of that end.

3. Continue wrapping, slowly, making sure you are laying down the next row of string tight up against the last row. Just make sure it does not overlap! This ensures the tape is touching each row and holding it in place.

4. Take extra care to add lots of tape on the end where you will cut the string.

5. Simply cut the string at the end and VOILA! It’s done!

Kids can make these for themselves, but they can also make fun gifts for teachers, family members, babysitters, and friends.
Have a conversation about LGBTQ+ identities with kids while doing this craft! You could also watch ourWhat is Gender Identity? Explained for Kidsvideo to supplement this craft with a lesson on gender identity and pride. 
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