How to talk to kids about Indigenous communities

How to talk to kids about Indigenous communities

Do you talk with your kids about the history of Indigenous peoples in your community? Are your little ones aware of the impact of Indigenous peoples in our world today?

Today, we're talking with Soni López-Chávez about Indigenous identities and experiences. It is so important to honor, learn from, and celebrate Indigenous and Native peoples.

Soni López-Chávez (she/her) is an Indigenous Mexican artist that is from Guanajuato, Mexico and currently lives in San Diego, CA. She works as a digital illustrator and is passionate about Indigenous rights, mental health, self-care, women’s rights, and equality.

Soni was a kit leader on our Indigenous Resistance Movements kit. Grab our Indigenous Resistance Movements education kit for kids here.

Read the interview with Soni here:

Why is it important to be talking to kids about Indigenous communities?

Soni: Talking to kids about Indigenous communities and experiences ensures that kids grow up valuing diversity and differences. It's also a doorway to a plethora of stories, art forms, and traditions.

How can an adult begin this conversation if their kids have no prior experience with learning about Indigenous peoples?

Soni: You can start this conversation by sharing things with kids that will get their attention, such as music, food, or toys. You can do this while explaining where these things come from.

What are some important points for adults to keep in mind when teaching kids about Indigenous experiences?

Soni: Ensure that kids see many positive examples of present-day Indigenous characters and real-life people. Making sure the stories they’re exposed to aren’t just about overcoming racism and trauma—introduce happy, successful, relatable storylines.

Is there anything else that caregivers and educators should keep in mind?

Soni: Explore creative ways to make Indigenous cultural learning fun, like through storytelling, crafts, music, and dance.

Where can we learn more from you?

Soni: I have a few FREE coloring pages available on my website:

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