Are my kids too young to learn about social justice?

Are my kids too young to learn about social justice?

Have you ever wondered: "Is it too early to talk to my kids about social justice?" If so, you are not alone. At Little Justice Leaders, we get this question almost every day.

It's a common thought. We all want to make sure we're doing the right thing for our kids and students.

But guess what? It's not too early.

In fact, kids can grasp these concepts much better than we give them credit for. They haven't been bogged down by all the societal influences that adults get caught up in. They haven't been immersed in the culture for as long as we have.

So, you've decided they're not too young — how do you talk about it?

Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to be this big, heavy conversation.

For example, people think that kids might be confused to learn that two women or two men could get married - but that's not the reality!

Have you ever had a conversation with kids about LGBTQ+ marriage? I have, and it went a little something like this:

Riley (3 years old): "Emma, I want to marry you when I grow up."

Emma (5 years old): "Riley we can't get married, we're both girls."

Me: "Actually, two girls can get married! You girls can't get married because you're sisters. But sometimes two girls love each other and get married, just like how your parents love each other and they are married."

Emma: "Oh okay I didn't know that."

Both girls: *go back to playing* 

The girls weren't confused at all - nor did they care very much! Kids are used to learning new information about how the world works, and something that basic isn't going to shake up their world view that profoundly.

But — and this is the important part: it will stick with them. Kids are like sponges, and they're learning from everything they take in. That very simple, non-heavy conversation re-shaped Riley and Emma's world view: Now they know that two girls can get married (but sisters can't).

So, when can you start? Way earlier than you'd think. In fact, you can start today.

Yes, I say that without even knowing how old your child is. Have a newborn? Diversify their life! Make sure their books, toys, shows, and the real-life people around them (if possible) are diverse in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, language, and so much more.

At Little Justice Leaders, we're here to help you in this journey! We not only send boxes, but we provide tons of information to help you shape little world-changers. We'll help you fit this right into your kid's world, making it easy to raise good humans.

So, are your kids too young for this? Absolutely not.

Not sure where to start? Diversify their bookshelf: grab our new BIG List of Diverse Children's Books! 

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