Teaching social justice just got easier.

You care about social justice. We make it fun and easy to teach. 

How It Works

When you sign up for Little Justice Leaders, each month you will receive a box of carefully selected resources to help your child or your students learn about a social justice issue. We use arts and crafts, projects, books, and other activities to help your child or students understand complex issues. This box is made specifically for kids in grades K-5, so the content is fun, educational, and age-appropriate.

Talking about social justice issues can be hard. We want to make it easier. With conversation starters, activities, and other goodies, you can make these tough conversations fun and interesting for your young child or students. 

what parents and teachers are saying

"Do it! So exciting and worthwhile."

"This subscription box is one of a kind. It is thoughtfully curated, and makes it easy to engage, educate, and empower even the littlest humans in your life.... this is the most magical thing ever!" 

"We all learn so much as a family."

"Our world needs this." 


Be part of the solution.

Talking about social justice issues can be hard. We make it easy for you, so you can raise your child or teach your students to love and respect people who are different from themselves. 

With projects, activities, and other goodies, you can make these sometimes difficult topics fun for your young child or students. The monthly package will remind you to engage in these conversations on an ongoing basis.

Options to fit your lifestyle.

Each family subscription or teacher subscription box will arrive packed with fun resources, and you and your child or students can look forward to the physical package each month. The digital subscription provides all the knowledge for parents at an affordable price. The sibling pack includes everything in the physical box, plus more resources for multiple kids to learn and play at home.

Feel good about giving back.

For each box sold, we make a donation to a non-profit working in the area of the social justice issue addressed in the package that month, so you and your child can feel good about giving back.